300 – Level Courses

Did you know that you are missing credit for a required General Education Cluster One class?  Cluster One is designed to be completed by first year (freshmen) students. Because you are at a higher class level and have taken at least one course in all the other Clusters, you are eligible to take an innovative 3-D printing course and use it to fulfill your critical thinking requirement.

ART300E: 3D Printing and the Creative Community

MW 1:30-4:00 PM Burruss 0349 (Printing Lab)         Daniel Robinson, Instructor

In this class, students will use 3D printing as a way to explore a variety of creative communities and to produce creative work that moves out of the studio and into the public sphere. Through hands-on making, reading, writing, and discussion, students will critically examine themes of authorship, ownership and copyright, and the relationship between collaboration and individualism as it pertains to the Maker movement, DIY culture, and various online and local 3D printing communities.

This experimental course is approved for critical thinking credit in cluster one or VPA credit in cluster two. Seats are limited!

Access to 100 level courses in GenEd will be further restricted next year so don’t miss this opportunity.

Fun, interesting, new ways to accomplish your general education requirements in small classes designed for juniors and seniors!!! We know  that most undergraduates do not complete their general education requirements in two years; rather, they pursue it across all four or five years. In other words, undergraduates do not experience general education in isolation from their major, minor, or other degree requirements. These courses are integrative, they provide an opportunity for the General Education curriculum to be more cohesive and provide a way to measure student learning holistically and promote the value of a liberal education for success after graduation. Additionally, an integrative course (or series of integrative courses) also reflects the ongoing shift at JMU from faculty-centered modes of instruction to student-centered learning. We have taught three courses so far, have one scheduled for Fall 2017 and many more in the works.  Keep an eye out for these courses as enrollment will be limited!General Education 300-level courses